Seven Tips On ORDERING A Wedding Cake

Weddings are special, and they bring the family and the community together. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, a cake to have and serve to your loved ones would be a must-do thing. Here are seven tips on how to order your wedding cake. Please read on and be well-informed.

What is your wedding style and theme?

Unless you know very well and have decided on the wedding style and theme, do not order your cake. Your wedding cake should be in sync with the look of the venue and the season you are marrying in; also the wedding gown you wear and the floral arrangements too. Knowing the basic terms if not the whole wedding style and theme would be just about enough to get a customized designed cake.

Decide on your budget

Most wedding cakes are priced per slice you order, and the costs can vary too. You have to decide the look and the customizations on your cake, and also the designs or the flavoring you want. However, keep in mind about the budget you have for the cake. You don’t want to overdo on the same and miss out on financing other important parts of the wedding.

The height of the cake

Match the cake’s height to that of the space where it would be flaunted, cut and served, and the number of people attending your wedding. For example, a three tiered cake would serve fifty to one hundred people and five layers at the most would be enough. Also based on the mise-en-scene around, the cake should be decorated accordingly and the height should be maintained.

The flavor you want should be chosen

At your wedding, there would be some that like the cake and those that would be very cynical and critical about it; in the end, it is you wedding and you should choose the flavor you want, period.
Facts on frosting

Speak to the confectioner or the bakery to know what type of frosting would be done. Would it be fondant or buttercream, the latter is more tasty and delicious than the former. Buttercream is smoother than fondant though, and is still the preferred choice for wedding cakes.

Keep in mind the climes

Before ordering the wedding cake, know what the climes and temperature at the venue would be like. Would it be an indoor or an outdoor wedding? If it is an outdoor wedding, choosing buttercream and whipped cream icing shouldn’t be done; they would melt. Customize your cake with summer icing options for the cake to look fabulous and nice.

Keep a budget for extra stuff

From adorning the cake to adding fresh fruits, flowers to decorative pieces and more, people are splurging on wedding cakes and the extra stuff to make it look super chic and fancy. This is hard work and can cost you a little more than the usual, which is why you should keep a budget for the extra stuff you plan to add onto the cake.

We hope you loved these seven pointers on ordering a wedding cake!

Before You Decide On Your Wedding Cake

As in all types of custom cakes such a birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, Valentines’ Day cakes, etc, wedding cakes require some things to be considered, before ordering. If you would be marrying your would-be partner in a year or so, you should be planning all the details of the wedding, including your wedding cake early.

Some considerations must include the taste of the cake, the style, the size, the price, the frosting and even the weather. With the following tips on selecting a cake for your wedding, we are glad to get you covered. Firstly, you must find a reputable and reliable bakery. You can do your research online. Visit websites such as Cakes Arena and view what they have to offer.

Taste – Every baker has a scheduled date for having their cake tasted, secure an invitation and sample their desirable model. You can also ask questions during the tasting and review the bakery’s portfolio as well. Take this opportunity to meet the bakers in person and understand their baking abilities.

Style – Decide on the cake after you have concluded on the style of your wedding dress and the decors of the reception venue, as these things will help you in choosing the structure and design of your cake. Your wedding cake should be compatible with everything, including the flower arrangements, the size and style of the reception venue, your gown, the season etc. Do everything to make the cake an essential part of your wedding, instead of a conspicuously diverting exhibition.

Size Generally, the size of your wedding cake depends on the number of your guests. 5 layers maybe necessary for 200 people and lesser layers for about 50 or 100 guests. You can make it look taller to suit the grand room with high ceilings by adding columns between the tiers.

Price. The cake’s price is often dependent upon the slice, so the cost varies. Another factor is how complicated is the design (you might want some intricate decorations or fillings that are difficult to find) Fondant icing is loved by many for its almost surreal-like look, but commands higher price than butter cream, which is more delicious in comparison. Elaborate shapes means, you will be paying the baker extra for his or her labour.

The Weather – Meringue, whipped cream and butter cream tend to melt in hot climate, so if your reception is in the outdoors during summer, stay away from them. The fondant-covered wedding cake does not even need refrigeration, thus they are good options for reception outdoors.

While your wedding could be the most important event of your life, you might not want to use up all your money on your cake. Order a perfectly decorated cake, small in size, plus several sheets of the same flavour for the guests. Avoid handmade sugar flowers, tiers and difficult to mold shapes. Use seasonal fruits or flowers to garnish it and serve in smaller servings. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save with this trick.

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Cakes Make a Great Addition to Any Celebration

Can you imagine celebrating an occasion in your life without a palatable cake? No, you can’t. Why, because cakes have become an important part of your very special day. Whether it is a birthday party, Valentines’ Day, anniversary or any occasion, even a simply baked cake can spread happiness to all those who are gathered around it. It is a means by which the giver expresses his or her emotions in the most exquisite way that the recipient begins to feel love and affection.

At any special event, a variety of food are served to guests to make them happy and deliciously prepared food can add a good sense of style to the occasion. Adding cakes will surely enhance the event’s quality of being special and remarkable.

At Cakes Arena your cakes can be created to go with the style of your celebration. Yes, there are standard and simple cakes to find all over the country, but custom cakes can help you attain your purpose of adding to the decor of the place, where the celebration is held. To top it, cakes will show the guests how special is your event, which they will remember even after it’s over.

Cakes come in many different shapes and sizes and can be ordered in a variety of flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, mangoes, butter scotch, fruit cake and so many more. You simply select the size and shape according to the mood that you want to project for the occasion and the flavour, which is the favorite of the person for whom it is bought, like for example if it’s your son’s birthday, his favourite flavour etc.

These are some occasions, where cakes should always be a part.

  1. Weddings

Most wedding these days are high tech and the most observed feature is the wedding cake. The couple starting a new life is bound to cut a cake and eat a piece of it offered to them by their partner, symbolizing their love for each other. This has become a popular part of the wedding ceremony and performed solemnly, after which they and their guests become festive.

  1. Birthdays

This is one party that cannot be considered whole or perfect without a birthday cake. Every celebrant regardless of his or her age will surely cut a cake and this is the highlight of the celebration and marks the beginning of the birthday bash.

  1. Anniversaries

Giving your loved one a specially made cake on your anniversary will tell her how she is loved by you or if you have grown-up children, they order a cake for the anniversary of their parents. This is become a norm and everybody loves cutting a cake for their anniversaires.

  1. Valentines’ Day and Any Special Days

Christmas, New Year, Graduation Party or a day to celebrate a milestone in your life, cakes have always been a part of these celebrations and rightly so, as there’s nothing as creamy and sweet as a cake. You can customize your cakes at Cakes Arena by adding some messages that suit the occasion. Simply get in touch with this proficient baker for your children’s cakes, birthday cakes, novelty adult cakes, corporate cakes, wedding cakes needs and more.