Why Blow The Candles Off On Birthday Cakes

For many centuries now, we have been cutting birthday cakes to mark a year older as we get. But before the cutting happens, we blow the candles and make a wish. Since ancient roman days, the celebration of birthdays with a delicious cake has been done. It has spread to every nook and corner in the world. This seems pretty much logical to us all. However, have you ever stopped to wonder why are birthday candles lit and blown off on a birthday cake? Who was the one that brought this practice into being, which is so popular as a tradition.

Let’s learn a little more

While you shop for your sweetest birthday cake online, here are a few theories that speak of the candles being blown out on birthday cakes. One theory says, the blowing of birthday candles on a birthday cake began in the days of ancient Greece. During those days and with no technology around, people gifted birthday cakes to the Goddess of the hunt, Artemis. It is said that the shape of the cake resembled that of the moon, which is why the candles were lit to emulate the glow of the moon and to seek the goddesses blessing on the auspicious day.

The smoke carried their wishes

When candles are blown out on a birthday cake, smoke bellows from the sticks. This in ancient days was believed to be a way to communicate the wishes and desires of the birthday boy or girl to the heavens. This is why, even in this day and age, we tend to blow out candles and everyone asks us to make a wish as we blow. The same belief it seems has come down.

The Germans did this

In the days gone by, when a celebration for birthdays for kids happened in Germany, it was known as KINDERFEST. The members of the family bought a large cake and placed a single candle on it. They lit it up and allowed the birthday boy or girl come by and stand near the cake, before blowing it out. It was a symbol denoting the light of life. Best wishes were poured with blessings galore, as the cake was lit with the single candle and then blown off.

In the modern age

The modern age with its own twists and turns have various notions as to why birthday candles are put on birthday cakes. However, we leave the thoughts to you and respect the same. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes, colors and flavours, themes and fillings too. Having candles that resonate the personality and the age of the individual too is thus meticulously noted as important.

Everyone looks forward to their birthday. It is a time of reflect and happiness, and for one to think of the year ahead as a bountiful one too. Should you be celebrating a birthday anytime soon, either yours or someone else’s, chances are you would need a delicious cake to make the moment a memorable one. We can help!

Novelty Adult Cakes For The Big Boys And Girls!

Adults celebrate birthday parties with a mature touch mixed with a childlike innocence, quite different from how kids would celebrate theirs. With that being said, even an adult would like a birthday cake for their celebration. It is a bond of sweetness and love that they want to share with everyone. This is why, in the new-age, adult novelty cakes have witnessed high demands. Here are a couple of ideas to choose from for the adult novelty cake you wish to have, or to gift someone! Read on please!

Judge the age

You wouldn’t want to cross the lines here when handing out a birthday cake, or serving one on your birthday. This is why, it is important to know your audience and their mentalities before having the caked doled out. If it is a conservative audience or for the office colleague at work, you should stick to the traditional norms. For adult friends that share the same crazy passion mental state of mind as you, the choices are quirky and fun-filled.

For the sporty kinds

Customize the cake according to the sport he or she loves. You can have frostings and icings decorated on the cake and the cake shaped to emulate the sport they fancy and love. Make it colorful, sport the team’s jersey on it, or have a caricature of the sport cut out on the cake and get it to the party. This would surely be a way to zing up the mood for everyone around.

Movie themes

From superheroes to movie themes aliens to spacecrafts and more, there is a childlike innocence in every adult. Emulating the shape, size and the décor of the cake to the likes of the movie he or she dotes and love, could be the sweetest gift you could give them. From Star Wars to Voldermoth, a famous musical to an action movie cut out, favorite movie star to a fantasy Harry Potter theme and more- says who that only the little ones have their imaginations running wild? Customize and make the real happiness come through with theme based novelty cakes.

Lifestyle wise

Owing to the lifestyle the birthday man or woman leads, as a friend you could honor their lives by getting them an adult novelty cake that emulates their job or their life. Speak with the baker and explain to them the lifestyle the host in question leads, and ask them to help you come up with ideas for the cake décor and presentation. Nothing says “I honor your ways” better than having a cake decorated on the lines of the individuals lifestyle.

Age is just a sweet number

For our dear grandpas and grandmas, when we want to celebrate their birthdays, we shall do so with aplomb and joy. Depending on how quirky and chirpy they are, cakes can be designed accordingly. Age is just a number, a sweet number can be placed on the top of the cake, in vibrant colors that denote the colorful days ahead to come. That was just one of the many suggestions we gave you.

Do let us know about the novelty adult cakes you would like to try! Spread the sweetness around!