Frosting And The Cake- Tips On Choosing The Right Frosty Touch

There is a very good reason why we say “icing on the cake”. It is a finishing so sweet that it makes any cake better than expected. This is why, when choosing the frosting you want splattered on the cake to finesse, here are a few tips to consider. Please read on.

Do you want buttercream?

Margarine or buttercream is a popular frosting choice, but best for venues where the climes are not humid and hot. The latter would make it drip and run, and this is certainly what you don’t want happening. Buttercream is a combination of liquid, flavorings and powdered sugar, and a little cornstarch for stability. You also have buttercream frosting that are made from sugar that is already granulated. Some classic versions of buttercream frosting cakes have custard in them too. However, all types of buttercream frosting cakes would need proper refrigeration arrangements before the cake cutting is done.
Think about cooked frosting
Sugar and egg whites are used in most classic cooked frostings, and with an assortment of flavours, they are combined in double boilers. Cooked frostings are shapely because the egg white proteins when in contact with heat are all coagulated. Frostings needs to be cooked at a certain temperature for the right consistency to shape in. Remember, frostings are not sturdy and are very delicate. They have to be eaten soon or else would get absorbed into the cake within a days time.
What about whipped cream?
Another popular choice of frostings would be the touch of whipped cream on cakes. Made from whipped cream, flavorings and powdered sugar, along with cornstarch the stabilized frosting is used. However, such frostings too would need cool climes around to be very stable or else they would melt, drip and run. If you plan to have side cakes and tea cakes, short cakes and cupcakes or cookies with such frosting touches, the decision would be okay.
The royal icing
This is a form of icing that has come down since time immemorial for cakes and cookies. Made from powdered sugar and egg whites and liquid, the consistency of the same holds best for any type of occasion. Moreover, with royal icing, one can use plenty of decor and embellishments without a worry, since the frosting holds firm and for a very long time.
It is a fancy term to the ears for many, but ganaches are a french term for chocolate melted delights, and heavy cream. If you prefer your cake to have a rich and a very shiny glaze, this is the frosting you should opt for.
You can even glaze the cake up
Simple and made from powdered sugar with a combo of liquids, glazes can be qa thin consistency your cakes can be bathed in. They are drizzled or poured onto the cake and forms a thin shiny crust upon setting. Melted chocolate always has a glaze of its own.

Make your decision well after weighing the pros and cons!

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